About Us

Delibas Group is an organization with headquarters in Moscow working in the field of construction and design from 2002 to the present time with the support of experienced

years of work
in Russia

Organization of production

Initially, the experience and a variety of positions the partners have undertaken for during their professional lives has been used as a basis for the establishment of
Delibas Group. In order to be a successful one in Russia and Turkey, Delibas Group produced a respectful image in the construction sector and signed many important and
successful projects.

This company using an innovative strategy for already accomplished or forthcoming works always aims at speed and quality of work, and constantly takes
into account the safety and satisfaction of the customers.
Delibas Hüseyin
General Coordinator

Delibas Group has taken on the mission of becoming a firm that will receive social and public respect and approval, ensure its participation in the economy, and through its development projects will be taken as an example.

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