Brookes Moscow International School (complete)
05 June 2018

In September 2018, in the residential quarter “LIFE-Botanical Garden” a unique educational complex was opened under the management of the international operator Brookes Education Group.

Brookes Moscow International School

Brookes School Moscow has a three-storey school for 550 students and 240 preschoolers. Combining educational functions will increase the effectiveness of learning and improve the process of adaptation of children. The school has:

  • a 25-meter swimming pool;
  • gymnasiums;
  • a children’s pool;
  • and a music studio.

Our tasks

Delibas Group is sub-contractors, HPL wall coverings of swimming pool and gym, supply of materials, design of projects, completion of assemblies.

Type of building: International School 
Contractor: Antteq Construction 
Address: Russian Federation. Moscow, Lazorevyy Pr. 7
Year: 2018-2018

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