Gelendzhik Multifunctional Medical Center (complete)
06 June 2018

The Multifunctional Medical Centre “SOGAZ” Gelendzhik opened in the winter of 2018.

MMC “SOGAZ” in Gelendzhik

The building also comprises out-patient clinic that has latest technological medical scanning systems and equipment. This Multifunctional Medical Centre includes:

  • 28 beds;
  • 5 VIP rooms;
  • 1 Day- Stand room and 8 intensive care units.

Our tasks

Delibas Group is sub-contractor of architectural Works and Included in the scope of works, Multi-flat Residential House Building has been designed as a modern living complex,
consisting of 8 stories, including 1 underground car park floor. The building has 2 VIP flats and 42 normal flats, offices & meeting room and a fitness center all
architectural works. HPL panel manufacturing and installation.

Type of building: Multifunctional Medical Center 
Contractor: Enka Insaat A.S. 
Address: Gelendzhik / Russia
Year: 2017-2018

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