SED New USA Embassy Compound – Turkmenistan (complete)
06 June 2017

We were chosen to build an Embassy in Turkmenistan as a company that has proven its reliability by working with the us Embassy in Moscow.

SED New USA Embassy Compound in Turkmenistan

Construction of a New Embassy Compound of the USA on a land of approximately 70,000 m² New Embassy Compound consists of:

  • NOB;
  • CAC;
  • Utility Building;
  • WHE;
  • REC and;
  • MSGQ expansion.

Our tasks

Delibas Group is Subcontractor for all architectural work, Some work in scope, highly secure and certificated fireproof wall and door system installation, granite facade cladding, natural stone floors and natural stone Wall cladding, gypsum board wall and ceiling system, Wall floor and ceiling painting, epoxy painting, high quality wood flooring, carpeting and linoleum flooring. Granite site paver, asphalt paver and brick veneer wall installation.

Type of building: highly secure government building 
Contractor: Caddel – Enka 
Address: Turkmenistan. Ashgabat, Archabil District Ataturk Street
Year: 2017

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